Spaghettios and Mini Bikes

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The buzz around here is summer vacation.  Local schools are wrapping up and kids are moving into summer mode.  When I was a kid I liked school but loved summer vacation.  Both of my parents worked so I was dropped at the pool or summer rec for the day and when I was old enough I was trusted to be on my own.  Let’s just say I had a healthy amount of freedom.

My favorite times were out on the trails with the neighborhood kids.  Several of us had mini bikes and we would meet in the morning and ride all day.  Usually we were out on snowmobile trails but built some of our own, did a lot of “bushwhacking” and got stuck a lot.  We put some serious miles on those little bikes.  I would head out in the morning with a can of Spaghettios and a can opener.  Maybe I had water or something to drink but I don’t remember packing any.  There were no water bottles, Camelbak’s or Nalgene’s.  How in the world did we stay hydrated?

Out on the trail we had a few pots and pans stashed in the woods and we would build a fire and cook up our lunches – it was all very sanitary.  We built forts and bridges and dug elaborate holes to catch wildlife in (we never caught anything.)My friend Carol and I had Honda Z-50’s.  The boys owned the more powerful 75’s.  Carol and I couldn’t make it up some of the steep hills so we created little detours and would catch up to the pack on the straight-aways. 

The worse part of my summer was doing something dumb (or at least my dad thought it was less than brilliant) and getting grounded.  I would lay on my bed by the window and listen to my peers screaming around the woods on their bikes – pure torture.

Memories like these make me excited for every kid that is finishing up school and stepping out into another epic summer.  Here at Mount Snow, the noise from our Outdoor Exploration Camp will ramp up next week and I can’t wait.  These kids have so much fun in the summer.  I know because my two children spent the first 12 summers of their lives exploring the mountain and have wonderful memories (and excellent mountain bike skills) to show for it. 

Mount Snow’s summer camp introduced my kids to biking and they quickly became good little riders and could take their bikes anywhere.  All of their bikes are up in our attic.  We can’t bear to part with them because every time my husband and I see them we are reminded of how attached they were to those bikes.

As I look out my window, I see a line of little kids traversing down the mountain on the Grand Central trail.  Man – those little guys have no idea how lucky they are to be outside, with their friends, in this beautiful environment.  I know that someday they will realize how their adventures at Mount Snow helped to shape their values and I imagine that when they raise their own kids there will be plenty of biking, nature walks and appreciation for the outdoors.

At Mount Snow we are known for our winters and skiing but if you are looking for a wholesome getaway for your family this summer, I would suggest our Family Week Package.   Mom and Dad can go off and golf or do “adult stuff” while the kids enjoy our Outdoor Exploration Camp.  Then you can all meet up for dinner and activities together (like a campfire and s ‘mores!)  Best of all, your kids can unplug and find hours and hours of entertainment in the great outdoors.
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