Sandy Update

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I wanted to check back and let you know how our Sandy Relief is going.  We are working on three fronts.

  1. Fundraising:  At the Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce Gala $3,200 was raised.  Over the weekend at our Launch Pad Rail Garden we raised $7,980.  That is over $10,000 in 4 days!  The Deerfield Valley Rotary Club will manage all of the monies collected, much like they did after Irene.  A group of Rotarians and local community members will form a committee that will discuss projects in Sandy affected areas and decide the best projects to help with.  We are working with Rotary clubs in NY and NJ and know that these connections will prove to be invaluable.  When we identify projects, we will also be able to reach out to other Rotary Clubs and raise more money.  If you would like to make a donation, make checks payable to Deerfield Valley Rotary Fund (this is a 501c3) and note that the check is for Sandy Relief.  Mail to:  Joe Arnold 67 Castle Hill Rd, Wilmington, VT  05363

  2. Supplies:  Over the weekend supplies went  down to NJ and NY through the Brattleboro Rotary Club and the Muenkel and Rode families, respectively.  Dave Muenkel heads up our IT department and his sister was instrumental in getting supplies down to West Babylon, NY.  Dave told me that on Sunday they had (3) 26 foot Penske trucks, (2) Fed Ex sprinters and a pick up truck with a trailer...all filled to the brim with supplies.  Oh, and can't forget the guy from Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters who joined the caravan with his van full of free coffee and bagels (I bet he was the super-hero of the day!)   Dave arrived before the trucks and said that by the time the trucks pulled in there was a crowd of over 200 people and they cheered as the trucks drove in.

I asked Dave where they got all the trucks and he said that his sister thought they would be donated but when that fell through she paid for the rentals and the gas.  It is amazing what people will do to help others.

Another one of our staff members, Gina, is heading to Highlands, NJ this weekend.  She doesn't have a caravan of trucks but she is determined to fill her Jeep with the necessary items needed and is going to volunteer in that town.

3.     Volunteerism - after Irene, it was quite easy to volunteer because we understood the lay of the land, where to check in and we could go home to a hot shower and bed at the end of the day.  Logistically, it is a little harder to make the trip to NY or NJ.  But despite distance and lack of communication, our community has been making it down to help and one of our Rotarian's, Sarah, is trying to organize a bus load of volunteers.

Thanks to everyone who has already helped with donations and your time.  There is still so much help needed so let's continue to support those in need.


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