Release the Kraken!

Monday, November 12, 2012

As I type, there are a few flurries swirling around outside my window - a good sign.  And another good sign is that the 14 day forecast is not showing any significant warm ups.  In fact, the meteorologists are saying that we are moving into average temps for this time of year.  With a promising long term forecast, it is time to release the kraken!  I may exaggerate a wee bit when I compare the awesome capabilities of our snowmakers to the strength of the mightiest mythological  sea creature, but "hey"....after a summer of waiting, there may be a few snowmakers who earn the nickname of Kraken this winter!

Tonight temps probably won't drop until after twelve and humidity is a little high but we expect that to improve tomorrow.  Our goal is to make snow whenever possible and to be open in time for Thanksgiving Weekend.

Disclaimer time - sorry to be a downer but I've got to be honest and let you know that we will only be able to make the Thanksgiving goal if we receive sustained cold temps.  So please keep checking the snow report and know that we are very excited to take advantage of every opportunity possible.  And I have a 6-pack riding on it so rest assured I will be encouraging our amazing snowmakers and Mother Nature along.

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