Opening Day Thoughts

Thursday, November 22, 2012

After a morning of skiing my feedback to our staff is - thank you for exceeding my expectations!   I hiked around the mountain earlier this week and knew that piecing the snow piles together would take some finesse.  Our grooming team did an excellent job!

Here's my trail by trail summary.

I started out on Canyon:  Nice surface.  The trails narrows as you descend but in most places 3-4 groomer widths to play on.  Lots of short radius turns - real leg burner.

Launch Pad  is open for beginners and "skiers left" has lots of snow and room for nice wide turns.

After a few laps we drove over to Carinthia.  You can take the Moover but it leaves the Main Base Area on the hour.  Of course I showed up at 5 mins after.  Being impatient, I opted to drive over.  Yes, I took my ski boots off to drive - safety first.

Mineshaft:  Features at the top, plenty of room to get some nice turns in (3-4 groomer widths.)  Made it across the flats, which always puts a smile on my face.

Gulch:  A few features at the top and quite a few at the bottom, including jumps.  Some areas narrow (2 groomer widths) and other spots are wide.  The freestyle terrain section looks like a lot of fun.  At the bottom I ran into Day, our Freestyle Terrain Park Manager and asked him how he was able to put it all together so nicely.  His answer - I'm from Virginia!  He said he is used to working with 3" of snow.  So I guess Virginia is for lovers and superb cat operators!  I am very glad we had his expertise on the hill for opening.

Long John:  Another treat.  Edge to edge coverage.  Warning!!!  If you do not want to go back to the base area, take a right  at the cut through to the Gulch.  Long John was so sweet that a lot of people were skiing back to the base area and asking, "How do I get back to Carinthia?"  Unfortunately, there is NO way to ski back to Carinthia.  You have to take the Moover.  We will make that connection as soon as we get some good temps at the summit - hopefully Saturday night.

The snow surface was perfect.  Our groomers set up cordoroy that was firm but easy to carve through...not too fall away. Please keep in mind that I was out there at the beginning of the day so as the sun warms up the hill and more skiers and riders make turns, the cordoroy will give way to areas that will be skied off and some thin and bare spots.  The only hazard we could find was this stray snow glom.  Luckily, Dave, our Director of Mountain Operations was on hand to take care of it!

At the beginning of the week we questioned whether we could get open.  Thanks to our snowmakers and groomers, we made it.  I hope you will get some early season runs in over the weekend and take advantage of all the other happenings in and around Mount Snow this weekend.  Let the season begin!


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