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Monday, October 30, 2017

One last blog for the road.

Like a lot of kids, I spent endless hours daydreaming.  Mostly about kid stuff but one thought that consistently confounded me was what I called the other Kelly.  I was baffled by the concept that there was only one of me.  Why was I born to my parents, in Bow NH, in this bedroom, with these sisters?  Was there another one of me somewhere else that I was not aware of?  What if I were born into a different house?  Or a different place, maybe far away from the safety of Bow?  That kid would often daydream of being born into the household of a friend, possibly one with the coveted swimming pool or horse and I would conjure up all sorts of tales in my mind.

That daydream has stuck with me into adulthood.  It has changed quite a bit but it often accompanies me on long drives as I listen to the news and wonder how it is I am here and not there where there is war, poverty, disaster, and inequality. A bit dark for a ski blog but stay with me.  I live such a privileged life it almost brings me comfort to think through these scenarios, some sort of atonement for the lucky life of this Kelly. 

What does this have to do with skiing?  Not a whole lot except the reminder that life in our mountain communities is special and protected, with freedoms that many people will never experience.  As I work my final days at Mount Snow I wish I had stopped to breathe in the air and stare at its beauty, a little more, instead of running around like the task at hand was the most important thing on wasn't.

I have marveled at your passion for this mountain and I know you will continue to treat her with love and respect.  I hope you will extend that respect to each other.  Be kind, embrace each and every snowflake and grab someone who has never been to the mountains and turn them on to our special spot.  How fortunate this Kelly has been to spend 30 years at Mount Snow.  



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