Photo Update of Summer Projects

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A look at all that's been going on this summer around the mountain.

We continue to PLOW through the summer hit list with speed and accuracy.  It will be a race to the finish but we are currently on track to use the new snowmaking system and West Lake water for the winter.  To save on time (it is super-precious right now) I will post photos with a brief explanation.  If you are anything like me, photos and videos are preferable to a lot of text.  I took some of these photos last week so some of them are already "outdated" - that is how fast we are moving.


New Carinthia Base Lodge foundation work in the background - wanted to show you where it will be situated in relationship to the Nitro Express lift.


New Carinthia Base Lodge above


Over on Grommet (Ski Baba for us old timers) the Carinthia pump house is making progress.  This was taken last week.  I didn't get a photo of West Lake but I want to report that we continue to fill the pond and are about 2 wks ahead of schedule and the pond is about 40% full. 




And here is how the Carinthia pump house looked yesterday!  


Up on the hill, the Roy Pump house is coming along nicely.  This photo was from last week and they continue to make great progress.  The structure will be erected starting next week.  This building is located on skiers right near the bottom of the trail Drop.


Above and below show the cooling towers at the Roy pump house.  An interesting tid bit about this pumphouse is that it is built with the infrasturcture to increase our snowmaking capabilites in the future, if need be.  Thinking ahead!



Back at the main base, I get pretty excited over stuff like new sidewalks!


And a new deck for Cuzzins.  It is completed now and you can "party" on it at Brewer's Fest.  You have to come visit us to see the finished product.


Cleon mowing the trails is a sure sign that winter will soon be here.


I will leave you with this photo I snapped when hiking around Carinthia.  It put a smile on my face.  I hope to see you all at Brewer's Festival, where we can chat more about all these improvements!

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