March - Out Like A Roaring Lion!

Friday, March 31, 2017

The buzz around town is this snowstorm.  Most locals (non-skiers) are fed up and yearning for warmer temps.  Skiers and riders have become self-deputized meteorologists and are at the bars predicting storm totals ranging from 6-24".  Time will tell and my blog will give you updates (and photos to prove it) throughout the storm.

At 7 am we have received almost an inch at the base of Mount Snow and barely a dusting in Wilmington.  Elevation will probably play an important role with this storm.  So if it is raining in your neck of the woods, don't assume the same is happening here.  


The drive in this morning around 7 am.


Delighted to see that the first pipe has arrived so we can get started on our West Lake project!


So far, the snow is sticking to every little surface, like a light dusting of confectioner's sugar.  It is beautiful.


At 10:45 snow is still steadily falling.  All snow,,,no mixed.

2 inch

At 10:45 am about 2 inches in the base area.  Our trusty Patrollers up at the summit took a few measurements and report 2 1/2".  



Solid 3" in the base area at noon.

Patrol just dropped the rope on Hop!


At 2 pm I tried to get a measurement up on the summit but it was pretty windblown.  I was able to find a quiet spot on skier's right of Cascade, registering about 6" on my ruler pole.


The trees were getting some action today - this is Denise, off Snowdance.

At 3 pm it was a little over 6" on skiers left of Ego Alley.  So I feel that 6" is pretty accurate for an on-mountain measurement.  There were nice powder stashes all over the place but also some sections that were skied off.  You had to pick your line.  Was the snow heavy?  No, not fluffy powder but not heavy - more corn like.

Goodmorning!  Welcome to April.  At 6 am we have mixed precip -  trying to change over to all snow.  There was compaction overnight so it is hard to give a storm total. When I measure outside my office, at the base, we are at about 5-6", about the same as last night.  But if I measure spots that I cleared before I left to go home last night there is about 2-3".  So we are probably in the 5-8" range with a few more up top.  The roads are 90% snow covered so take your time.  Lots of plows out doing a good job!


Getting ready to open this morning was rugged - heavy lifing on the shoveling.  I think you are going to get lucky on the hill and float right on top of this new snow.  At least that is what I am hoping.  At 8 am it has turned to all snow and that is how this storm should finish...a little cream on solid foundation.


Some of our lift ops team heading out to their lifts.


Getting ready for Winter Brewer's Fest.  Is it me or does it always snow for this event?


Snowmaking water comes in handy for all sorts of things like filling the barrels that will secure the tent.


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