Amazing What You Can Build with Tape and Cardboard

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Once again, I had the honor of judging the Bud Light Duct Tape Derby today.  I was joined by marketing gurus Meghan and Jack and we quickly learned that our task was going to be difficult.  Picking just four stand-outs was incredibly hard because there were so many worthy builds and builders.  


Meet the crew having a "behind the scenes" pow wow.  Judges Meghan and Jack and event team Nick and Tim.  


A sweet, aerodynamic build - well done!


The Bullwheel Fire Dept was a top contender - our event director Tim's favorite.  We loved all the costumes.


The Mount Snow Academy sled was one of my favorites because it was so unique.  They even made duct tape caps.  Well done gentlemen.


A good attidude and big smiles makes you go faster!


Crossing the Delaware - bonus points for authentic costumes.


In order to prepare, one needs a lot of rest.  When asked if he competed in the Jack Jump race he answered YES!.  In fact, he is a World champion jack jumper.  No wonder why he is tired.



Family photo  - no worries, the little ones had a babysitter and mom and dad drove the box.


Remember Herbie?  Built for speed.  


This was a great pirate ship complete with 3 happy pirates.

ms slide

We really liked this one because they incorporated the Mount Snow logo into the build using duct tape.  We also thought their design was unique - they went FAST!


This build was a vintage Ford, carrying the notorious Bonnie and Clyde.  It won the Judges award because is was built well, had lots of details like the bullet holes and costumes and in true Bonnie and Clyde style, it had the best crash of the day.


This was the sweetest kid's entry, called Animal Crackers.  Precious.


Here's another one of the Jack Jumpers pilots.  When they went down the hill, 4 kids fit into the sled.

grn tmn

The Green Mountain sled was built with pride and went for a good slide - I was super-impressed with the painting.


Snoopy and Lucy rode down in Snoopy's Dog House and Woodstock watched on.


This Army tank was extremely well built, complete with rocket launchers.


The Red Chinese Dragon won best Slider - boy was it fast.  I am not sure how all of those riders kept it on the track and did not flip.  Congrats!!


This sled stinks!  Get it?  It was one of the most unusual builds of the day.  Way to think out of the cardbox box ladies!


These girls will probably grow up to be well known artists.  And they got their start right here!  Beautiful.


Another pirate ship with two salty sea hands.  The detail on this ship was impressive.

box o

If we had a FUNNIEST award I think this would have won.  Box O Kids.    With sayings like Oh No, Save Us and Help!




One kid does not like the Box O Kids idea.  He may be onto something.


Three sleds worth of adorable kids and great builds.  


Ding Dong, got my helmet on!


These ladies looked like they had a really good time when they were speeding down the hill!


Ratu's Growlaz won most creative.  I didn't fit the entire sled in the photo but it was large and well done.  When asked how long it took to build?  Weeks!  They even had matching uniforms.


The Mystery Machine won the Kids Entry award because it really looked like the Mystery Machine and the large group of kids who built it were all in costume and in the spirit. They also had a good slide down the hill.  P.S.  Did you notice Shaggy's beard?  Adorable.

pine 2

This girl had the coolest duct tape - very pretty to match her smile.  

rock ppl

There was a large crowd on hand to watch and the rock seemed to be a good vantage point.


Lining up!


These boys were ready to drive thier FBI mobile right down the hill.  They told me they had a terrorist in the back seat - yikes!

Thanks for coming out eveyone.  You all went way above and beyond.  Hopefully, the stores can restorck all the duct tape you used before next March.



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