Marching Ahead

Friday, February 24, 2017

Where did February go?  I guess the saying, "time flies when you are having fun" is correct.  It was so much fun to explore every inch of our mountain including our favorite natural snow trails, the trees and lots of soft moguls.  

With March just days away I thought I would address the question many of our passholders have asked me - is Mount Snow done making snow?  The answer is, not necessarily.  If need be, we will fire up the fan guns and lay down some of that signature snow on some of our primary trails that carry us into spring.  Right now, snow depths on trails like Canyon, Roller Coaster, Long John and Ridge are still solid.  When the temps drop on Saturday night we will be able to push around some of that snow and clean up any light areas.  The end of next week the temps look better if we were to make some snow...stay tuned.  

Of course, we are not fooled by this brief warm up.  We know that March is a very snowy month for Mount Snow.  We average over two feet during March and have received over 50" in years like 2006-07.  I know it will be difficult to pullout the neckies and warm gloves for Sunday but it really is a good thing.  There is plenty of time for soft corn snow and beers on Cuzzin's deck.  For now, let's do our snowdances because I'm still looking forward to many more runs on the Dippers and in the glades.  Thanks for a fantastic President's Week everyone.  We continue to appreciate all of your support.

February 26th Update

Winter has returned and so have the winds!  Our plan is to get through the warmer weather moving in midweek and fire up snowmaking on some of our primary trails like Ridge and Long John on Thursday.  The end of the week and right into the weekend is looking pretty good for some snowmaking temps.  In the mean time we still have strong depths on trails like Rollercoaster, Cascade, Canyon, Long John, Deer Run and Free Fall, to name a few.  Our grooming department will continue to work their magic and then we will let Mother Nature take over for a few days as the warner temps will provide some spring corn and soft bumps.  Think snow!

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