100% Open with an Overlay of POWDER

Thursday, February 9, 2017

That is my forecast for the weekend, folks, 100% open!  I do love a Southern storm.  The 6" of dense snow that we received on Tuesday was the perfect base for all of this powder.  I am happy to report that the snow is falling steadily with about 2" (blow-away powder) grounded and near white-out conditions.  My definition of white-out differs a bit from your local meteorologist. While they advise to stay inside, I advise to grab first chair...which is what I will try to do today.  I am thinking this could be the BEST weekend of the winter but you will have to come "test the product" yourself and let me know.  I will post photos all day so please check back.


Drive in 7 am - Howe Farm.



View from my window at 7:30 am...white out!

Our meteorologist is calling for another 5-8" today.  I think he is being conservative.  Things clear up for Friday (great travel day, hint, hint) and then late Friday evening another 2" is predicted.  AM express would be sweet on Saturday with a little powder to fly through.


8:15 am and I met up with Meghan, our snow reporter.  She was traveling with a tape measure (pure dedication) and told me she measured 4".  I agree!!!







At 12:30 pm we updated the snow report to 8" so far.  At 3:30 pm it has slowed down considerably.  In fact, I am not sure if it is snowing or blowing.  I was also just informed that they have increased the predicted totals of the Sunday/Monday storm to 13" in our area.  Wow - no words to express how happy we are for this February weather.

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