My Bad

Sunday, February 5, 2017

I've enjoyed a very memorable week skiing powder, soft bumps, glades and many unsuspected natural snow trails, striped with corduroy.  As good as the snow surface has been, the company has been even better.  I have made laps with old friends, industry pals, passholders, family and those savored runs when I was all by myself.  Many of you have asked, "Why haven't you written a blog in a while?"  Great question with no solid excuses, my bad.  If there are three things I regret this winter, they are:

  1. lack of exercise (skiing doesn’t count)
  2. too much junk food
  3. not making time to write/blog

Don't get me wrong, I haven't turned into a complete couch potato, binge watching five seasons of Hell On Wheels with a super-sized bag of Doritos.  Well, maybe the binge watching part.  I am still here, working with the best staff in the industry, trying to get better each and every day.  I don't know about you, but when I get busy at work, I let other stuff slide.  I make excuses.  Excuses like, once I get through MLK weekend I will go back to the gym.  As soon as I get through those meetings I will start eating better...I don't have time to cook this week.  At this rate, it could be Easter before I get back on the health train and by then my ski pants are not going to fit!!

All joking aside, this winter we have lost three amazing people in our ski family.  Two were staff members and the other was a brother.  All were too young and much respected mountain enthusiasts.  You know the saying, only the good die young?  It is so applicable that it hurts.  

Last night I was eating a slice of Carvel ice cream cake (why is it so addicting??) with my husband.  We were talking about the passing of Walt, and remembering his amazing GS turns.  We were remarking that it could happen to anyone and that you never know when your time will arrive.  I said that we really should get in shape and start eating better.  He agreed but asked if we could wait until we finished the Carvel cake.  Seems like a good plan - I hope we follow through.

It is always extremely sad when we lose a friend or family member who loved Mount Snow and was part of what make Mount Snow such a special place.  All we can do is honor their memory and make sure we take time to breathe deep and inhale the winter air, let the sun warm your face, admire the views or cuddle on a chairlift.  We are so blessed to have this piece of heaven as our playland.  

One passholder told me he liked my history blogs so I will leave you with a photo from the history vault.



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