Music To My Ears

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Do you ever have those days when the skiing is so good it makes you want to sing?  Out loud?  Today was one of those days!  


I skied mostly groomed trails and they were perfect!  Back to the singing.  Do you have trails that remind you of songs?  If you answered yes, do you sing those songs while you ski/ride that trail?  Out loud?  I do.  For some reason, I ski better when I sing.  It gives me confidence, truly.  I am going to show you some trails and you come up with the song that matches.



I thought I would start with an easy one.  Answers at the bottom.




Yup, there are still whales on Free Fall.  This is an easy one, too!



Hint:  The song I sing on this trail was popular when I was in junior high.  No, I am not telling you my age!



#5  What song do you think I sing on OMT?

#6  What jingle from a commercial do I sing after I get off the Nitro Express?

#7  There are a few for Moon Beam but my go to is...

Can you think of others?  There are more but I don't know them by heart so I usually stay away from them.

Although I like to break out in tune while I am skiing, I do not listen to music with headphones.  And I do not recommend it.  Unless you are a competitive athlete and you have the course, pipe, trail to yourself.  When people ski or ride with ear buds I think it takes away an essential sense needed in our sport.  And on a day like today you would not have heard all of the ice falling to the ground like thousands of chandelier bits falling in the woods.


I did ski some ungroomed stuff today, like Ledges and Illusion.  Ledge held true to its name in a few spots but well worth the trip.


BONUS QUESTION:  One of my favorite runs was on the North Face.  Groomed.  I found this on skier's right.  Can you guess which trail I was on?




#1: Love Roller Coaster by the Ohio Players 1975  

#2:  Free Fallin' by Tom Petty 1989

#3:  Grand Illusion, by Styx 1977

#4:  Under Pressure by David Bowie 1982

#5  Take it to the Limit by the Eagles 1975

#6  On Milky Way I sing, "at work rest or play milky way, milky way."  A short tune for a short trail.

#7  Swinging on a Star by Bing Crosby 1944.  Would you like to swing on a star, carry moon beams home in a jar.  Love that song!

Bonus:  Plummet

How did you do?  

Which is my favorite song?  Love Roller Coaster.  Long live disco!  Grand Illusion is a close second.  Think of the fun you can have when you ski Roller Coaster to Illusion.




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