Quick Snowmaking Update

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

We are super busy getting ready for a fun-filled holiday week but I wanted to take a moment to list all the work our snowmakers have been focused on and what you can expect to see for the weekend and beyond.  We will be adding the following trails:

North Face


Fallen Timbers

Main Face

Ego Alley

Roller Coaster


Milky Way


Grommet park was build last night (looks sweet) and is open!


The Farm


Mineshaft (making snow on it as I type.) Will probably open as a trail, not a park to begin with.

Making snow in Inferno but not enough to build a park yet.

Whenever we have extra water we are resurfacing.  So far we have been able to hit Ridge, Long John, Launch Pad, the base area, tubing park and other spots.  We will continue with these resurfacing efforts through the holiday week.

So what is left?  Committed, Ripcord, Sweet Sixteen and back to Southbowl.  As you can imagine, we can't wait to cross those last few off our lists.  Stay tuned!


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