Founder's Day Snowstorm

Monday, December 12, 2016

How perfect to wake up to 6" of fresh snowfall on Mount Snow's 62nd birthday.  And it is still falling at a rapid rate.  Our building maintenance guys are already on their 2nd shovel of decks!  If you had to head home, I will try to post some photos for you.  And rest assured, we will work all week to make sure we have the best conditions possible when you return next weekend.  Our snowmakers are finally taking 2 days off and will be back at it on Wed.  Most likely they will focus on Sunbrook.

I would welcome everyone to Founder's Day yand a special shout our to all the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) participants.  We will certainly see some beautiful turns from this group this week!


6:30 am - 6".  I was just checking the VT report and right now it looks like Southern VT is in the sweet spot.  Love it when that happens.





At 9 am we have accumulated 9".  Interesting number game going on.  Can't wait for noon.


In honor of Founder's Day I will go a little retro with this blog, one of my favorite things to do.  I know many of you have the same passion as I do for ski history and last night many of you gathered to say hello to an old friend, co-worker and boss, Chris Diamond.  Chris was the President and General Manager of Mount Snow starting in 1977 to the 90's.  Chris was in town with his new book, Ski Inc.  I had the pleasure of reading most of Chris' book and whether you are a Mount Snow enthusiast or have an interest in the ski industry you will thoroughly enjoy it.  Chris answers alot of the questions you may have wondered about, especially those American Skiing Company years.  He proves to be a very good writer.  The book is thought provoking, educational and of course, is the ski industry after all.  


Chris sharing some stories with a crowd of about 100 people.

The book has proven to be quite popular and Lisa, from Bartleby's, reported that they were currently sold out with more being shipped as I type.  But have no fear, if you go to the book signing today, Chris will have signed book plates for your book, when it arrives. 


Thanks to everyone who ventured out in the snow to attend Chris' reception.  It was great to see everyone and the support for Chris and Mount Snow.


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