So much to celebrate!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Today we opened our new Sunkid surface lift #1, Grommet.  What a beautiful lift!  I am so proud of our lift department, our lift mechanics and everyone who assisted with the install.  I heard through the grapevine that our lift inspector said that it was the best install he has ever seen.  I hope you take a moment to head over today and take a run - it will warm you up on this brisk day.


Meghan, Jack and Jamie getting ready for the ribbon cutting.


Kevin and Dennis deserve a big round of applause for this lift install but today they are busy getting the ramp ready for our first riders.


I am also thankful, on this bluebird day, for the big push our staff made to open as much terrain as possible.  Our snowmakers, grooming dept. and a bunch of other staff pitched in to take advantage of temps and expand.  Today we have 177 acres open for you.  We only report terrain that you can ski on, not the entire trail if it is not suitable side-to-side.  For instance, we will not count all of the acres on Snowdance because skier's right is not appropriately covered, yet.  Truth in snow reporting.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that our 177 acres is an impressive number comparatively.  Just think how quickly we will be able to move next year when we have the water from West Lake!

Finally, all eyes are on the Sunday night/Monday snowstorm that we hope will stop by and help build our base.  Our snowmakers have already moved onto South Bowl and they will tackle Sunbrook next.

Welcome to winter everyone - doesn't it feel good?


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