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Monday, December 5, 2016

It is days like today that fuel everyone's soul.  As I walk around the resort, there is a feeling of levity – somehow fresh powder makes you feel that way.  After the underwhelming 2015-16 season it doesn’t take much to put an ear-to-ear grin on our faces. 


People ask me all the time if I get to ski much.  I try to ski every day.  It may only be for an hour or two but I try to cover a lot of territory.  I ski as many trails as possible, ride as many lifts as possible, check in on the lodges and of course, the women’s restrooms. If one of these outings leads me to the Bullwheel for a grilled cheese or Carinthia for a chicken wrap…bonus!


View from my office this morning.  

You’ve heard the saying, “no friends on a powder day.”  Bah hum bug to that!  Powder days are meant for friends so you can relive the wipeouts and stashes, for years to come.  When the snow is super deep you just say, "remember St. Patty’s Day?” and your secret society of powder friends know exactly what day, year and trail you are referring to.

Today when I started to boot up, a few co-workers heard my buckles click, and yelled down the hall to “wait up.”  Music to my ears!  I had to wait a few minutes, precious minutes that allowed the PSIAers in town to eat up the morning powder.  But that is fine with me.  I love it when our visitors, passholders, staff and the PSIA skiers and riders get the best runs of the day – that makes me super happy.

d and chip

Denise and Chip - ready to head out.

I know there will be plenty of powder for me as I am the lucky dog that gets to be here just about every day.  If it starts snowing at 2 pm, I can head out and lap the mountain multiple times and still have time to hit the emails. 

Today we started out on Ridge and found stashes of 3-6” all over the place.  We all agreed that we need more leg strengthening but Denise was right when she described it as a “good burn.”  Freefall, Cascade, Canyon, Long John…it was all good.


Did I mention that Denise and I got the golden bubble?  Yes, of course I made a wish!

Everywhere we skied guns were blasting and the little orange dots of the snowmakers helmets were on the move.  By next weekend our snowmakers plan to have these trails for you:

Nitro, Inferno, Gulch, Long John, Little John, Deer Run, Beaver, Ridge, Exhibition, Lodge, N.E.Time, Snowdance , River Run, Free Fall and Plummet.  Inferno will be just a ski trail and we may use it for race training.  Depending how this aggressive run goes, we could even move onto another trail, like South Bowl, by the weekend!!

Already this winter feels so much better.  You should make plans to visit soon – your body (maybe not your thighs), mind and soul will thank you.


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