Snow Show and Tell

Monday, November 21, 2016

I just got back from a snowshoe up and have a bunch of photos to share with you.  Hey, did I mention that we are opening Wednesday?  Yup, it is official!


I headed up with my co-worker, Denise.  We picked Illusion to get away from the guns on Canyon.  It was lightly snowing.


On Illusion, we found plenty of powder stashes.  Using my ski pole, this one measured exactly one foot.


The deepest stash we found was on Rollercoaster, measuring about 18".


Thanks to Denise for blazing the trail.  It made my trek much easier but I was still sucking wind.


In all honesty, it is not all steep and deep.  There is plenty of frozen tundra in areas where we are not making snow and the wind has scoured.


Wanted to show you choke where our team worked on some brush back this summer.  You can see on skiers left they cut right back to the snowmaking pipe.


We hiked down the south side of Canyon (Ledge, Choke, Lodge) to see if the snowmaking blow-over was the reason for the deep snow on Rollercoaster.  Yes, the wind has done a fine job of relocating snowfall.  This photo on Lodge is only about 14" deep.


Not sure if you can see the yellow sheen under the guns but it is there.  It is due to our snowmakers making a wet product in the beginning to lay down a solid base. Think mashed potatoes consistency.Especially important when the wind is honking at 25-45 mph.  They'll dry it up as they put the icing on the cake, so to speak.




Stephanie, our patrol director, has already skied Cascade/Canyon and gave it a thumbs up.




Good day for a hike.  Afterwards, I went and picked up my season pass.  Almost ready.  Are you?

11/22 update:  We will go back to Freefall this morning and start making snow there.  

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