Perfect Timing

Sunday, November 20, 2016

How perfect to start the 2016-17 season out with another snow storm?  This one will certainly help our snowmakers with their heroic efforts.  The big question is, how much snow will we get?  I just joined a pool and submitted the nice round number of 10".  Dave Moulton, our director of mountain operations, says 14".  The meteorologist who does our daily weather is saying 7-11" by the time it is done and he is always a little conservative.

If that is not exciting enough, Moulton also reported that snowmaking is starting to fire up!  I think a Wednesday opening is well within reach.

Yesterday afternoon I started to see all of the forecasts for more snow than previously predicted.  I don't know about you but when I hear of a possible storm, I like to cook.  Last night I cooked for 5 hours straight.  Meatballs, sauce (that has now been cooking for 15 hours), stuffed shells (ricotta and veggie filled), sweet italian sausage, spinach dip & guacamole, Our house smells amazing and with the snow lightly falling outside, today is shaping up to be perfect.  I will cherish this last weekend day, knowing that all future snowstorms mean getting up early and heading to the mountain to get ready for the powder seekers.  

But today I will enjoy comfort food, slippers, watching the snowfall and maybe a little red wine. 


My view this morning.

I can guarantee you that we will be moving quickly at the mountain tomorrow finishing up all those last details before opening day.  I guess Mother Nature is feeling a little sorry about last winter.  If this is her way of making up, I say, "perfect timing!"


View from Dave's office at the mountain at 9 am.  24 degrees at the summit and 30 in the base.

920Photo taken around 930 am.


1130 am.  

11.21.16  It is very windy this morning.  We have 167 guns running on Launch Pad, Cascade, Canyon, Long John, Deer Run and Gulch.  7" from Mother Nature yesterday and a few more overnight. Not too shabby!


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