TBT Lifts #2 & #9

Thursday, August 18, 2016

If you look closely at this postcard, in the background you will see lift #9 which crossed over lift #2.  Lift # 2 was built in Mount Snow's 1st year of operation, 1954.  It was called the Lodge Trail double chair tram but I was able to find in later documents that it is called the Standard lift - remember that?  Lift #9 was built in 1961 and was called Snow Dance. The bottom terminal was in the base area between today's Bluebird and Canyon lifts.  The top terminal was located below High Traverse and above the top of where you unload the Canyon Express today.  The tricky lift # 9 that traveled over #2, had its problems getting built and opening to the public.  I was able to find that it was inspected on March 9 and I assume it opened shortly thereafter.



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