Aerobic Hike

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Our staff has been doing some brush back on One More Time so I decided to check out thier work. I hiked on Highline, the pink trail (almost looks red on the blaze).  I started at the Clocktower and hiked up the Launchpad area and jumped on the Base Loop (green & black trail.)  It climbs quickly to the base of Snow Dance.  From there I left the Base Area Loop and followed the pink blaze up One More Time.  I could quickly see how the crew has done a nice job clearing back the small saplings and undergrowth on skiers right.  This tree caught my eye.


Not far up One More Time you are going to head north, into the woods.  


Just follow the pink/red blaze.  It is very well marked.  I was hoping to see some wildlife but only found a few of these guys, the Red Eft or Eastern Newt.


If you are going to hike this trail I would suggest a good pair of boots with a decent tred because you will be climing a good amount of rock and ledge.  It is slippery.


The terrain is beautiful and shaded so I find it easier than climbing up a ski trail. But beware, it is a very aerobic hike. You will come out on Somerset Rd and you can take a right and head down to the North Face or take a left and follow Highline.  I followed Highline and it lead me to Snowdance for gorgeous views.



I followed Highline to the top of the Canyon Express and headed down.  The trail continues all the way to the summit, if you have time.

At the base I admired Cleon's mowing on Exhibition.  


Even though it is only July there are lots of signs of winter prep.  It will continue and ramp up as we get closer to September.  And before you know it we will be digging out the fleece and sweaters.  In the meantime, I am enjoying my morning hikes on the mountain.  Very peaceful.  I hope to see you out there.

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