TBT: The 1st Fountain

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Before Mount Snow's most famous fountain, Fountain Mountain (in Snow Lake), there was a smaller fountain behind the Main Base Lodge.  If you were to walk out the back side of Cuzzin's, you would see it.  The staircase pictured to the right  is still used today.  


Like its big brother, this fountain would also accumulate an ice and snow build up in the winter and melt in the warmer months, evidenced here by the green grass. The snow looks so fresh and white I wonder if there were a few nights of cold weather and this is early spring or late fall?  I was also wondering why the fountain was not running for this photograph.  Maybe you know?  If so, please share.

This is a photo of a postcard.  The back of the card reads:


World's most exciting vacation center, summer & winter.  Famous Sauna pool, indoor skating rink, chairlifts to the 3600 foot summit, and the Base Lodge, with its Sports Trends Ski and Gift Shop and many restaurants, all provide for your vacation.



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