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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Welcome Mudders!  

Before the Tough Mudders arrive there is a lot of preparation.  It takes weeks for the Tough Mudder crew to prepare all the obstacles and event venue.  With the excellent weather I have been lucky to get out on the hill for several hikes and it has been great to watch it all come together.  On Friday I hike with a few local ladies who ascend the mountain all year long.  For Tough Mudder week they wanted to make it to the summit and we did.  On the way down we searched out several obstacles, including the downhill section through Sap Tapper.  Note:  It is much easier on skis!  


Saptapper with Deena, Sarah and Cindy

unclesWhen I came upon Uncle's, I was a little sad that it wasn't blanketed in snow.  Good things come to those who wait.  

For event weekend we are having fantastic weather and as usual, the Tough Mudders are pretty amazing, young and old.

I think one thing that is always interesting to see is how Mount Snow, the ski area, transforms during the Tough Mudder event.  For instance, the view from my office normally looks something like this.


Today the view is a little different.


On the other side of the Clocktower, in the winter, I like to look down and see how traffic is flowing into the resort.  I check to see if the firepit is lit and enjoy watching the training center kids play king-of-the-mountain on the snowbanks.  Yesterday, this was the view of Tough Mudders at registration.  I am happy to say that the line (okay, that is not really a line) moved along quickly.


We started off Saturday with one of my favorite events of the weekend, the Mini Mudder.  The kids did a fantastic job and looked like they were having a ball.  Am I the only adult that thought the Mini Mudder was better sized for my ability?


Immediately, the Mini Mudders showed true sportsmanship when they stopped to help each other up this wall.






A big shout out to Vince for organizing the Livin' On The Ledge t-shirts for all the Mount Snow mini mudders!  His son Mark, pictured above.



Out on the Tough Mudder course folks were proving how rugged and helpful this group is.


I watched this woman at a few points on the course - she is very small with Wonder Woman strength.



Birth Canal - This guy hung out on that mud bank and helped a bunch of people up and over.



Pyramid Scheme gets you wet and slippery just in time to scale up a wet and slippery gigantic wall.  Luckily, someone has your back or hand or butt or leg.


Back at the base, Christine and Carina prove that innkeepers are Mudders too!  They make your breakfast and then go out and run 11+ miles.  Not sure where they find all that strength!

I will post more today.  In the meantime, check out Mount Snow's Facebook page for some great photos of the event!








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