She Was a Good Lift

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our beloved lift #1, Ski Baba, has served us well and is almost completely disassembled.  It took about 2 days.  She is a 1979 Borvig, with 29 double chairs and has resided at Carinthia for her entire career.  Ski Baba will be replaced with a conveyor type lift, which will make it easy for all abilities of skiers and riders to use that terrain.  We will install the carpet this summer or fall and it will be in operation for the 2016-17 winter.  


Ski Baba was in place when Mount Snow purchased Carinthia in 1986.  Ski Baba was not our first lift #1.  The original lift #1, Little Beaver, was built in 1954.  It was Mount Snow's very first lift at the Beaver hill.  It was a double, especially designed by Walter Schoenknecht and engineered by the Link Belt Company. Walt marketed it as the first high-capacity chair in Eastern US, designed like the conveyor system in meat factories.  



Ever wonder how big lift tower foundations are?  Pretty large!




Now to answer the question I am sure you are all wondering.  Will we sell the chairs?  There are not many chairs and we know they will be in high demand.  We have decided to keep a few and sell/auction or do some sort of lottery system for our staff.  We think they will go fast.  Thank you to our crew who is busy taking down Ski Baba.  I asked the guys if anyone shed a tear.  No comment.  They are so stoic.


I am looking forward to my first ride on the new lift.  Lift #1, no doubt.  Should we christen it with a new name?

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