TBT to 1990

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I am always looking for old trail maps and brochures.  My goal is to have a trail map for every year Mount Snow has operated.  You would think that the ski area would have that collection but unfortunately not.  Over the years things get moved, people come and go and those collections get misplaced, loaned out or taken.  Let's call it the thrill of the hunt that will fuel me to complete this collection.  If you have an old trail map that you would like to share, let me know.  You don't have to give me the actual map - a photo, scan or copy will do just fine.  It is actually the information contained in that map that I find the most interesting.

I am searching for 17 more maps.  The years missing are:  1954-56, 1959-62, 65, 67, 1971-75, 77, 79, 80, 84 and 85.

I was looking through some of my dad's stuff and came across a folder full of Mount Snow collateral.  Sometimes I sent him brochures and at some point he got himself on the mailing list so he could keep track of everything "Mount Snow."  For a man who never skied Mount Snow he sure knew a lot about this place.  I have had a great time going through his Mount Snow stash and here is a photo from a 1990-91 brochure.  On the cover is Betsy Reeder, who was an alpine ski coach at the time.  


I am not sure who the skier in the back is.  Let me know if you recognize him.  I have a few ideas but not sure!  If you have a Mount Snow stash, pull it out and see if you have any of the missing trail maps.  THANK YOU!

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