Well Groomed

Saturday, March 5, 2016

I just came in from AM Express (we have two weeks left - last AM Express is March 19) and have to give the biggest shout-out of the season to our Grooming Department. They really went all out this week and turned a firm surface into really nice cordoroy.  Even since my runs yesterday afternoon, they have worked magic.  Thanks guys!!!  Let's face it - we have had week after week of thaw/freeze or rain/freeze events and that is a recipe for ice.  With snowmaking after each event and a lot of strategic grooming they were able to produce a great product.  

When we skied down Southbowl it was evident that using the renovator worked.  We have not made snow on South Bowl in a long time.  Last Saturday when I skied Southbowl my feet got a frozen cordoroy massage.  This weekend, I carved one delicious turn after another.

Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that as the day progresses the surface will get skied off and there will be plenty of "frozen granular" but there are some great laps to be enjoyed, under bluebird skies and amazing views.  I hope you get out there today.  High fives to our snowmakers and grooming squad - well done!


Dave renovated Ego Alley on Thursday and a few grooms later itlooks like this.  Thanks to Steve who used the renovator over on the North Face and Travis who renovated South Bowl.  Chute and Timbers were fantastic and I was told that Freefall came out well, too.


Our snowmakers turned the fan guns on Canyon and it was a lot of fun this morning.



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