Lost Ski Areas

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Recently, I hiked Hogback ski area, now owned by the town of Marlboro.  It closed as a ski area in 1986.  



Hogback Mountain Conservation Association has a great website and shares the history of Hogback and how the trails are used today.


I never skied Hogback so I won't try to identify all the lifts.  Feel free to help me out.  This bullwheel and lift shack was probably the top of Meadow, lift #2.  Skiers right as you look at the trail map.




Exterior lift shack.  Possibly the top of lift #3.  I will go back this spring or summer when I have a little more time and hike the entire mountain so I can get my lifts correct.  I took this photo because I was interested in the little window above the window and the piece of plexi glass.  It looked like it was used to protect something?


Interior of the structure pictured above.  I am assuming it was a lift shack.


hog top

Based on photos I found on the Conservation's website, this is the ski patrol hut.


hog 7

My friend, Deena, gave me the book Lost Ski Areas of Southern Vermont by Jeremy Davis.  Great little guide book that encourages you to get out and explore our ski roots.  NELSAP (New England Lost Ski Areas Project) is also a fantastic resource if this sort of thing interests you.  Nine times out of ten I prefer old to new so this hike made my week.

p.s.  We have some old lift parts around Mount Snow, too.  Hint...North Face.

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