March Snowmaking Update

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March has arrived but that date has not scared off our snowmakers.  They will be back at it again to resurface some of your favorite fan gun trails for the weekend. Expect to see the guns lit up on Cascade, Canyon, Long John, Exhibition, Ridge, Snowdance and Launch Pad.

In addition, our grooming department is working overtime.  They are double grooming select trails and also have the renovator back in action.  What is a renovator?  Good question.  I asked Dave, our director of mountain operations to give us a quick summary.

We attach the renovator (orange attachment pictured below) to our grooming machines when the surface is firm and needs to be chunked up before the tiller hits it.  The renovator and its aggressive teeth can dig down into the snow surface about 6" and break up hard pack, making it easy to till up and recreate "powder".


They are starting on trails like Ego Alley, Snowdance and South Bowl.  I will give you an update tomorrow when I can verify where they were successful.  I will also post snowmaking photos once we fire up.

I am super-excited about the weekend because we have two of my favorite events taking place. They are both excellent for spectators and I promise you will "oooh", "aaaah" and laugh.  On Saturday, we host the Red Bull All Snow over at Carinthia in our Grommet Park.  The park they build is amazing and the talent is impressive.  On Sunday, the Jack Jump World Championship is back on Charlie's Chase.  Check out the action from the Bluebird or hang out at the bottom of the course if you want to really see how a jack jump (single ski with a seat mounted on it) works.  

The sun is forecasted to umbrella us, Reuben's Smokehouse will be turning out delicious dishes and brews on Cuzzin's Deck and the blow out sales in our ski shops continue. Sounds like a pretty great weekend - see you on the hill!



Snowdance 3.4.16



Snowdance 3.4.16

They renovated Ego Alley and Southbowl yesterday and Thanks Walt and Milky Way today.  I skied Thanks Walt around 1:30 pm today and it was holding up very well. Long John is next on the list for renovation.


Meet your daytime snowmkakers!


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