TBT to the 80's

Thursday, March 3, 2016

This week we take a step back to the fabulous 80's, courtesy of Alison Slater who shared some of her photography with me last week.  Thanks Alison!



Notice the Yankee Clipper Quad in the background!


Valley League at Carinthia - Stugger's Chute, I believe.  Back when 7-11 was Grampy's...the original convenient store in Dover.


Can you identify this lift?  Hint:  G1 in background.


When the trail map was front and center!


Alison was a ski instructor and told me this staff tuning room was in part of the current Ski Wee Lunch Room.

Thanks to Alison and everyone else how has generously shared there photos and memorabilia over the years.  You are helping us to preserve our history.



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