Snowmaking Questions Answered

Friday, February 12, 2016

I am starting to get some questions about snowmaking so I thought I would share the plan for the rest of the season.  

Since Feb 4 we have made snow on:


Canyon (right now)

Charlie's Chase


Cooper's Jct

Ego Alley (right now)


High Traverse (right now)

Launch Pad (right now)

Little and Long John (a few right now)



Beartrap (shut down a few hours ago - can't wait to get there!)

Rollercoaster (right now)



Fallen Timbers

Freefall (right now)

Ripcord (starting up today)

Grommet (right now)



Halfpipe (right now)

Inferno (right now)


As we made snow we focused on areas that needed a resurface and primary trails where we wanted to build spring depths.  Luckily, Mother Nature helped out significantly in the last week, dropping a foot of snow.  We held off on trails like Thanks Walt and Plummet as they were skiing well.  Normally at this time of year we are done with snowmaking but this year we will fire up again if the need arises.  We have been trying to make snow every chance we get on those bread and butter spring trails like Cascade, Canyon, Ridge, Long John and Deer Run. Spring depths have also been a priority on the North Face on trails like Timbers, Freefall and Chute.

Ideally, Mother Nature will assist with trail fattening and helping us to open some natural trails.  Speaking of those beloved naturals, ropes dropped yesterday on some of my favories like Narrow Guage, Fool's Gold and Uncle's.  Expect some of those ropes to stay open for the weekend and approximately 370 acres of good, clean fun for you!  And if Ma Nature goes back into hibernation, we will assist.

Here's a few questions that have come up:

Mount Snow shuts down snowmaking now due to an agreement with the Forest Service.  The answer is false.  The Forest Service does not have defined times when we can make snow.

Mount Snow stops making snow because electric rates rise in March.  Again, the answer is false.   Electric rates are not a factor in March. We do have curtailed periods (usually 4 hour blocks) when we cut back on electricity but that tends to be a few times a month.

Mount Snow has rented compressors that come off-lease and are shipped back this time of year.  This one is false, also.  I am happy to say that when we installed our 250 fan guns (they all sport an on board air compressor) we eliminated the practice of renting diesel compressors, saving us (and our environment) 250,000 gallons of diesel annually. We do own electric compressors for air delivered to snowmaking equipment other than the fan guns.

I hope this clears up any questions out there.  Feel free to share this info when you are riding the bubble this week - always good to be informed.  Enjoy the snow and once again I have to give a big high five to the Mount Snow grooming and snowmaking departments!!


2.12.16 We had a great turn out for the Cloud Nine Nuptials - congrats to all!!!  We even had one couple get married.  And I got to meet a couple who were celebrating their 40th (Feb 7) and another couple who have been married for 10 years.  So many great stories - thanks for sharing.


2/12/16  Today I skied Drifter, Ledge (twice) Canyon, Thanks Walt, Lodge, Mineshaft, Prospector, The Farm, Chute and Timbers.  Great snow surfaces everywhere.  I would have to say that Drifter was my favorite but Chute and Canyon (under the guns) was a close second.


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