Southbowl and the Cord?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Another week of opportunistic snowmaking weather is upon us so I wanted to share the latest "to do" list.  Our snowmakers fired up last night on Southbowl and are also making snow on the Gulch, Carinthia base, Inferno, Launch Pad, lower and upper Canyon, lower Exhibition, Ridge, Sweet 16 and Upper Long John.

As the week progresses we have our sights on Committed, Ripcord and Yard Sale,  We also plan to go back to Plummet, Snowdance, Mineshaft, High Traverse, Rollercoaster, Cooper's Jct and Beaver to add depth and width.  If we have time, we will hit skiers left of Beartrap.

Some have asked for seeded intermediate bumps for practicing and getting comfortable in the moguls.  We are thinking of of trying that on Milky Way.

Over at Carinthia you will continue to see aggressive park expansion starting with The Farm today and then Junkyard.  The Gulch will be closed some midweek for a rebuild and a reopen before the weekend.

We are all hoping that Mother Nature will pitch in with all her might as everyone is drooling over the ropes stretched across their favorite natural.  I could use a little dose of Olympic or One More Time.  What is about extreme skiers left?  I seem to gravitate to it.  No, that is not a political statement.  In the words of passholder, V.C., I vote SNOW!


1.18.16  Making snow on Southbowl  - some good sized whales already


Cheers to our snowmakers...getting the job done with finesse - pictured here above Cooper's Jct.  They also have guns on Ridge and Ripcord..



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