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Monday, January 4, 2016

Skip the apple, we are prescribing a new trail every day to keep you happy, healthy and loving winter!  If winter has not visited your neck of the woods, rest assured, it has taken up residency right here at Mount Snow!  We launched an all-out snowmaking assault on Thursday the 29th and have been going non-stop, 24/7 ever since.  Since Christmas, we have more than doubled our terrain.  We’ve gone from 7 to 17 trails and increased open acreage from 70 to 163 acres.  And by the time you read this, we will probably have added more.  I suggest you check out the snow report regularly because the stats are are on the move.

drtaken 1.4.16

Based on the long term weather forecast, January looks good for snowmaking temperatures.  Since Dec 27th we have received a little over 8” of snow.  All indications are that we have moved into a stable winter weather pattern and all eyes are on a possible storm in the forecast for the weekend.

Back to that "trail a day" thing.  Since Dec 29 we have added the following trails:



Snowdance (my trail pick for today!)


River Run

Nitro (my trail pick on Saturday)


That is seven trails in seven days.  Tomorrow we plan to open Chute, Lodge and Exhibition.  Technically, that is 2 1/2 trails in one day.  We begin our Nitro park build tomorrow and plan to open it for you on Friday and according to Elia (Peak Resorts Director of Freestyle Terrain), "it will be, by far, the best park East of the Rockies." Elia is the type of guy that delivers on his word. On deck are Ego Alley and Charlie's Chase and after that....well, that is still a secret.  Let's just say we have a few options.  


Snowdance 1.4.16

I am so proud, happy and psyched for our mountain operations team and all the work they have put into opening as much terrain as humanly possible.  Clearly the snowmakers are heroes but it takes the entire team.  Our grooming department have big tasks on their plates each and every night as pushing out snowmaking whales takes hours.  Even our lift operations staff are out straight digging out from all that white gold that does not always end up exactly where we want it.  Today they sent a crew over to dig out the Outpost lift on the North Face.  Quite a few chairs got popsicled.

out1.4.16 Snowmaking continues on Exhibition/Lodge.

Winter is here so start making your plans to join us.  We have a Grommet Jam on Saturday and Youth Pay Their Age Day on Sunday so you and your family can get outside and spend some mountain time together.  Hootin' and Hollerin' guaranteed!

Wed, Jan 6 update:  Today is the day!  If you found a way to make it here today, I am very happy for you.  IMHO best day of the year, so far.   Here are some photos to prove it.


My trail pick of the day is Chute.  Snow is still soft and easy to edge.  It will be groomed out for the weekend.  We are currently making snow on Freefall and it will open, ungroomed, in time for the weekend.  Previously, I said that we would grrom Plummet for the weekend.  We have changed our minds.  The top and bottom section will be groomed but the wide middle section we will leave with moguls.  I skied them today and with the warmer temps they have bumped up nice and are no longerthe the big frozen mounds that were prevalent on Monday and Tuesday.


Freefall getting a coat of white.


We will also be adding Drop to the "open" list.  First we need to groom it but you will see it for the weekend.

ego 6

We hoped to open Ego Alley today but it needs another day.  It will also be groomed for the weekend.

Over at Carinthia we are making snow on Inferno and we are charging the system to start making snow on Prospector.  There is a chance you could be skiing and riding on one or both of those by the weekend.  

1.8.16 update:  All of the trails that I said we hope to have for the weekend are now open!  We are still building the park on Grommet and it will open tomorrow.


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