Are you Ready For Plummet?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

We are firing up our snowmaking system and guess what trail we are on?  


If you guessed Plummet, you are correct.

Why Plummet?  Because we can!  I am not trying to be fresh.  The truth is that prior to this year, the snowmaking equipment on Plummet was on skier's right.  Meaning we would have to wait for the correct wind direction to make snow.  At the end of last winter our guys pulled new snowmaking pipe up to Plummet and installed new Low E HKDs on skiers left.  The relocation will allow our snowmakers to fire up with prevailing winds.


Most years Plummet is the last trail on the North Face for snowmaking and this year, it is the first!  Our snowmaking team says that they are shooting to have it open for Saturday morning if we can ski it without a groom.  I say, let's give it a try.

Of course, Plummet is not the only trail that is getting some attention from snowmaking.  They are also making snow on Snowdance, Ridge, Nitro and a few spot guns here and there.  E-X-P-A-N-S-I-O-N!!  We will try our hardest to get you on these trails Saturday. In the meantime, welcome the cold temps and pledge to spend as much time as possible having fun in the mountains during 2016.  Preferably, at Mount Snow.  We appreciate you being here.  



1.1.16 Happy New Year - snowmaking on Plummet above - opening tomorrow without a groom.


Snowmaking on Ridge at about noon today 1/1/16.  Opening tomorrow ungroomed.

Mother Nature is helping out with a healthy dose of flurries this afternoon and we also fired up the fan guns on Cascade to refresh that surface.

Also, we plan to open Nitro and River Run on Sat.  We are shooting to open Snowdance and Ski Baba on Sunday.

Some trails that are next on the list to see some snowmaking are:  Chute, Exhibition, Lodge, Freefall, Ego Alley and the tubing hill.

I guess our snowmakers ate their Wheeties, chased with a Red Bull!


Our snowmakers over deliver by getting Snowdance open for Saturday!  Here is a shot from Friday afternoon - Snowdance starting to fill in.  Be aware - there are still thin sports and water bars so advanced skiers and riders only.


It was fun to get over to the North Face today and ski Plummet.  Having Somerset Reservoir in view when I ski is somehow uplifting and always helps me put things into perspective...if you know what I mean. The top of Plummet was a little weird but where the trail widens it turned into a lot of fun.  Were you amazed at the amount of snow they blew in such a short period of time?  I was!  We will groom out the very top and bottom and leave the middle ungroomed for tomorrow.  In the photo above you can see the guns are still on Plummet at 1 pm.  Snowmaking is also fired up on Chute.

Snowmaking temps continue to be fantastic so we will continue snowmaking on Chute, Nitro, Ridge and Snowdance.  Ridge didn't turn out exactly as we had hoped for so it e will be groomed for tomorrow.  Snowdance will probably stay ungroomed.  We plan on opening Grommet and Beaver tomorrow!!  

My favorite trail today was Nitro - fantastic snow.  My gratitude to the snowmakers.




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