Snowmaking and Goliath Join Forces

Sunday, December 27, 2015

If the forecast is correct we will start making snow around midnight - as in TONIGHT, DEC 27th! We will fire up on all of the trails that we currently have open (Cascade, Canyon, Long and Little John, Deer Run, Gulch, Lower Exhibition, Launch Pad and Cooper's) to get them back in shape and beefed up.  That should take about 24 hours or about the time that Goliath rolls into town, sometime Monday night.  Right now Goliath is living up to his name and beating down on Texas...just what they need right now...not!

We Vermonters will welcome Goliath with open arms and challenge him to dump at least 1 ft of freshies - I suggest 1 ft because that is my guess in the snowstorm pool.  We actually have two pools going on and it looks like Deidre (human resources) could win the other one with a guess of 7".  Time will tell.

By Tuesday morning we should have a good idea of how much natural snow we will receive and the snow is predicted to taper off into some sort of freezing precip before the whole event ends.  At some point we will lose snowmaking temps and shut down and then fire up again Thursday night.  At least that is what the forecast is telling us.  Let's just say we will be ready for any cold temps that come our way.

When we fire back up we hope to expand to trails like Ridge, Nitro and something on the North Face.  Wouldn't it be nice to have some new terrain for the New Year?  We can't guarantee it but we will give it our best.

Stay tuned.  I will post photos of snowmaking and Goliath, right here.

Your job?  Do your snowdances - this is serious business!  Okay, it is pure fun and excitement but I thought a serious tone might encourage more dances.

Monday, Dec 28 6:30 am update:  By 11:30 pm last night our snowmakers had 211 guns fired up and refreshing all open trails.  The plan is to keep going after it fast and furious.  So wear your goggles today and ski and ride with a big smile!

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12/28/15 Where Long John and Little John merge.  Snowmaking everywhere.  Snow surfaces are improving but it will take a day.  My advice, ski with caution.

12/29/15 6:45 am

Goliath?  A bit underwhelming.  I was excited to see snow when I checked at 1:30 am and disgusted to hear the pings off my window at 2:30 am.  I wouldn't call it freezing rain (that's the good news) but it is not fluffy, well formed snowflakes, either.

At my house I had about 2" of this granulated sugar type snow.  A quick call to the summit and they confirmed 5" up top. It is not what we all hoped for but it is positive accumulation and should make for a nice base.


The good news is that snowmaking continues and it is 13 degrees at the summit and 19 degrees in the base area.  Those temps have climbed a few points since midnight.






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