Snow Positive

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Every winter enthusiast I know is scratching his/her head. Showing their ever-present sense of humor, skiers and riders have taken to social media with all kinds of posts lamenting on the fickle weather. Remember our snow reporter, Halley O'Brien?  The creator of the Mount Snow minute?  This girl is worth following and here is one of her latest pieces. Thanks Halley, we will take it!

I tend not to get too hung up on the weather as it is something out of our control and if anything in this life is guaranteed, it is the weather and the fact that it is ever changing.  I highly support snowdances and wearing your pajamas inside out but today I am focused on "real" weather forecasts that are flooding my in box. Here's a few that got my attention:

12/27, Sunday night 11- 15 degrees at the summit

12/28, Monday low of 8 degrees at the summit and high of 23 degrees at the base...flurries


Taken from a blog written by meteorologist Joe D’Aleo, I like the snowfall prediction on this map.  We'll take pink (12-18") inches all day long!


I called Brendan for some weather geek speak and as I suspected, he delivered. Brendan started at Mount Snow as an intern in 2007 and then went off to become a civil engineer only to return  (yup, they always come back) to become our Project Manager for Peak Resorts.  This summer he was the project manager for the West Lake snowmaking pond build.  He dabbles in meteorology and jokes that he knows just enough to be dangerous. He sent me the map above and is thinking a moderately dense snow will fall at the beginning of next week, but probably not an all-snow event.  He did feel the end result would be a positive accumulation of snow. More importantly, he enthusiastically talked about snowmaking that will start up on Sunday night and could continue all next week (except during the snow storm.)  Like a kid on Christmas, it was clear he was excited to get out there for what he called, "psychotic fun snowmaking."  I hope he is right!

My best advice for the next week is to keep checking our snow report for updates. We will share information as soon as it becomes available.  As you pack up your cars and head to Vermont I only wish we could provide you with the picture-perfect Vermont vacation that we all envision.  Snow laden pine trees are out of our control but I can assure you that our staff are anxious to see you and will do their very best to make sure that your are treated like a guest in our own home.  Merry Christmas.






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