Snowmaking Resumes

Friday, December 18, 2015

While children have their eyes on the sky in search of Santa and his reindeer, all skiers and riders have their attention focused on any weather app that might offer a glimmer of hope.  Finally, it has arrived.  Our snowmakers are counting down the minutes and will be ready to go at 12 noon today. We do not expect to have temps for snowmaking until tonight but we want to be 100% ready and not miss a minute.  

We will fire up our snowmaking system on all of the trails that we have been skiing and riding on since opening day. Somehow, miracously, those trails made it through the balmy and rainy weather  - thank you to our snowmaking and grooming staff.  But now they are in need of a complete makeover.  In case you have not been out skiing yet, these trails are Launch Pad, Cascade, Canyon, Long John, Little John, Deer Run, Lower Exhibition and the Gulch terrain park over at Carinthia.  We hope to also make snow on Cooper's Junction so we can connect to the Sundance Base lodge.  To accomplish this our system will be running at full capacity.  

On Saturday morning we plan to open all of those trails with the exception of Little John and a section of Long John from the top of Carinthia to the cut through to the Gulch.  Hopefully, we will have those two sections added by Sunday.

On Saturday, there may be some sections or trails, like Cascade, that we open ungroomed for advanced skiers and riders only.  Anything like this will be marked and everyone should read the snow report before heading out.

My advice is to pack your goggles, neckie and facemask because the temps will drop and our bodies will feel the burr as we acclimate.  We will also keep the snowmaking running all weekend so expect an annoying dose of snow to somehow sneak down your neck.  I for one am looking forward to it!

I would love to tell you that the superb snowmaking conditions continue straight through Christmas but that is not the case.  We expect to lose snowmkaing temps by Monday.  We will take advantage of every minute possible to produce as much snow possible so we can give you a white Christmas.  Keep doing your snow dances!


12.19.15 at 6:30 am...2 inches and still coming down.  220 guns online blasting the mountain with snowmaking.  Quote from Frank in the control room, "I don’t think I have ever seen this many on line.”  Keep up the great work guys.


12.19.15 at 8 am


Sunday, Dec 20.  Long John.


Sunday, Dec 20.  Little John is back open thanks to the quick work of our snowmakers and groomers.  Amazing what about 30 hours can produce.


Gulch on 12.20.15

LJ flats

Long John on 12/20/15.

Cascade also reopened this morning.  Like most of you, I skied yesterday and again today.  What a difference a day makes.  I wish that these temps were going to stick around so we could open more terrain for you.  But the reality is that temps will rise tomorrow and we will shut down snowmaking for at least the next 4 days.  We will keep our eyes on the mercury and get back to work as soon as temps permit. We will also keep our eyes on the sky.  Santa, reindeer and big white flakes are all a welcome sight at Mount Snow.

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