Operation Extra Gravy

Monday, November 23, 2015

Who doesn't like a little extra gravy?  My favorite part of the meal.  But the gravy we are talking about is white gold and it is in mass production at Mount Snow, right now!  

The weather finally dropped overnight to a spot where we can be very productive and our snowmakers are doing everything possible to give us skiing and riding by Wednesday.  Yes, this Wednesday, Nov 25!  We can’t guarantee it yet but by tomorrow we will be able to tell for sure.  The opening plan is:

Top to bottom skiing and riding for all abilities – no downloading.

Trails:  Long John, Deer Run, Launch Pad, Gulch, Cascade, Canyon

Lifts:  Bluebird Express, Discovery Shuttle, Heavy Metal

Carinthia Parks:  Gulch with features

Please see our event listing for a complete list of weekend activities.

Enjoy the photos I snapped this morning.  We have a lot of work ahead of us but we're pros at this so sit back, relax and squeeze in a few wall sits.


Long John at intersection of Cooper's.


Canyon needs the most work - fan guns are on it!

lj flats

Lohn John flats starting to fill in.


Temps at the summit are cooperating


Lohn John from the summit should be no problem.  


Lots of work to do in the base area - fast grass today!

The snow report will be updated with any changes.  Snow dances people, snow dances!


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