Tooting our Horn!

Monday, November 23, 2015

I was taught not to brag but sometimes I just have to share the pride.

What do we do in the summer?  We keep busy, especially with weddings. Not only is Mount Snow the perfect setting for any wedding but our staff is pretty good at making sure your wedding day is perfect.  The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards is presented at the beginning of each year and is based on achieving a certain number and quality of reviews.  We have won this in 2014 and 2015 and hope for another win in 2016.   If you want to see what couples are saying about their wedding at Mount Snow, click on the link above - there are dozens of reviews.

The Best of Weddings from The Knot is the top honor and comes with the most excitement and recognition.  Vendors have to receive a minimum of 10 reviews to even be considered and then there is a grading process after that.  Mount Snow won this for the first time in 2015 with only 2 other Vermont venues winning. Will we see a repeat for 2016? Stay tuned!  


Although it takes an entire staff to put on weddings of this caliber, I really have to call out a few people.  Shannon Wheeler books all of our weddings and has worked diligently over the past years to build up this section of our business.  Joanne Upper and Janelle Hyatt are our wedding planners and the bride and groom work with them on every detail...and some of the details are tricky.  Jason Seiz is in charge of Banquets and he and his staff work tirelessly to make sure each and every wedding exceeds our guests expectations.  And behind the scenes is our Chef, Mike Giorgio.  He and his talented staff take pride in creating delicious menus, often using the finest VT products. There are so many more people that work to make Mount Snow weddings special but not enough space to thank them all.

Flipping over to winter, it is the time of year when many staff return for a seasonal position.  When staff return, it truly is a blessing.  When staff return year after year, it makes our business stronger.  How about when a staff member returns for 41 winters in a row?  In the ski industry, that is just short of a miracle.   And that would be Doug Kaufman who manages our Mountain Camp program.  When I watch Doug and the way he operates his department, this saying pops into my head, "get it done right or don't do it at all." 


Doug's work ethic is superb and because of this I was thrilled to hear that he has won the Einar Aas award for Excellence from PSIA.

In order to be eligible you have to  have a minimum of ten years in a management position (past or present) of an Eastern Division snowsports school as well as a clearly demonstrated track record and long history of dedication to his/her students, staff, the Eastern Division and the snowsports industry.  The Einar Aas Award is presented to a snowsports school director in the Eastern Division as a tribute to Einar Aas and to honor his memory. Einar was an outstanding snowsports school director; his dedication to his students, his school, this organization (both divisionally and nationally) and the snowsports industry is legendary. This award recognizes dynamic leadership of a snowsports school while achieving and maintaining the highest standards, as nominated by members and selected by his/her peers. There were 17 nominees this year.

Finally, I really have to give a shout out to Carinthia Parks.  This year they were voted #1 Park in the EAST by Transworld Snowboarding, Freeskier and Ski Magazine.  A sweep!  As I have mentioned here before, Carinthia is such an important part of our brand.  If you spend anytime over there it is obvious to see that the parks attract a younger skier and rider, the future of our sport.  Thank you to all the staff who contribute to Cartinhia - you are super creative, passionate and fun - keep up the great work!




As we begin our 61st season of operation, there's lots to be proud of.  These are just a few of the amazing things our staff are up to.  Feel free to share more stories. 


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