Opening Day

Monday, October 19, 2015

With an official hard frost and plenty of flurries over the weekend I've decided to blog about our opening strategy.  I figure it is just a matter of time before I get the big question..."when will Mount Snow open?"  Kudos to Killington and Sunday River for opening and treating anyone suffering from ski fever with a little dose. My daughter is one of those who just "had to" give it a try.


Monday morn at about 10:30 am.  Marley is already resting up at Killington.  Guess she will have to double up on the squats and burpees!

Being the youngest of three girls, I have experience being the "baby" of the family.  I understand the perks, defined as "spoiled rotten" by my elders.  I was born 10 years after the middle sister so I also understand what it is like to grow up in a household where the siblings have left the nest.  I guess the house was a little too quiet because I also lived up to the baby stereotypes and found time to sew my wild oats.

Which brings me to our little sister, Wildcat.   I admit, little sister is a bit of a stretch as Wildcat is far from small. You are treated to a certain feeling of rugged outdoorsmanship when you ski Wildcat, hence the name.  This mountain boasts an impressive summit elevation of 4062' and is one of the older ski mountains, starting out as a race trail in the 30's.  She has plenty of learning terrain and cruisers but the untamed terrain is abundant and seems to lure you in.  Wildcat could easily be the "big sister" but she is the newest ski area in the Peak Resort collection and one of our Mount Snow alums, Brian Heon, is running the Cat, so little sister it is!

She is also the Peak Resort ski area that consistently opens first and closes last, primarily because Wildcat sits in the perfect climate, a stone's throw from Mount Washington.


Here's the view of Mount Washington from the slopes of Wildcat.  MW has already reported 6.6" of snow on Sunday with drifts of 2-3 ft.

wild2According to GM, Brian Heon, "snowmaking has been going great!  We're in "full on production" mode and have had our system maxed out for the past 18 hours.  Our focus has been on our Lynx trail and I would say that 2/3rds of it looking really good."


Heon goes on to say that Wildcat is looking to open ASAP with a quality top to bottom product, over 2000 vertical ft with high speed lift service.  #purrfection.  He really likes all the cat references!


As for Mount Snow?  We won't be far behind.  Wildcat can fire up sooner than Mount Snow because they can survive a warm up better.  Location, location, location.  As soon as we see sustained cold temps, we will be out there.  After testing the "new and improved" system last week I can tell you that we expect to see up to 30% improved performance at the summit, where we had water and air limitations.  Don't be surprised if you see us fire up the guns on Plummet and South Bowl a lot earlier than you have seen in the past.  Until then, if you have a Nor'easter Season Pass it is valid at Wildcat - definitely worth the road trip!

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