Wednesday, September 23, 2015


One word to describe this summer, BUSY!  The Mount Snow crew has been out straight this summer working on projects ranging from snowmaking ponds to smoke houses. Here is a pictorial run down and you will notice a theme...nothing is complete.  It makes me a little nervous but I have complete confidence in our staff and their ability to wrap everything up "just in time."

In no particular order:


New roof at the Discovery Center and Sundance Base Lodge.  And I had the pleasure of helping to pick a carpet color for the Discovery Center, too.



Mount Snow Sports at the Main is receiving a facelift and will be the new home of skis to match the success of Bootworks.  So if you demo a pair of skis from the Cape House, after you fall in love with them, you have a short walk to purchase them!



Boots are arriving so there are no excuses for unhappy feet this winter.


Ever wonder what Backside looks like a few weeks before Octoberfest?


The locker room has come a long way from that 1st week.







Paving is happening and we are grateful to the Town of Dover for working with us on this project.


s access

Yes, you still have to slow down at this intersection!


If a good lunch is important to you, listen up.  We are building Reuben's Smoke Haus on Cuzzin's Deck.  My mouth is watering!



A few progress shots from the summit where our valve house is capped and space for our snowmakers and Ambassadors is being finished.  



As usual, we ship out part of the old rental fleet to make room for the new.  This year is big for us as we prepare for over 5,000 pieces of equipment to arrive.

These are a few of the projects that I snapped photos of but there are so many more projects happening everywhere we look.  Up on the mountain our snowmakers can almost see the light at the end of all the pipe they laid this summer.  They are finishing up at the bottom of lift #7 and have to mount more Low E guns (for instance on South Bowl) and then they start testing the snowmaking system in prep for the 1st day of snowmaking.  

Mentally, we are all moving into winter mode but are thankful that we still have some warm days ahead to finish up before the snow flies.


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