Hail to the Micro Brew

Friday, August 28, 2015

Change is good, especially when it comes to beer.  

I grew up in a household that always had a 6-pack of Miller High Life in the fridge and when my dad came home from work, he would sit down and have one...sometimes pour a little into my glass.  Keg parties were hosted by Budweiser and if we had a few extra bucks, Molson.  On really elaborate occasions we made a "Brador run" to Canada.  

Fast forward a decade or two and do you remember your first visit to a brew pub?  Like Mc Neil's?  Remember when #9 made it to the shelves of Grampy's or was it Christy's or 7-Eleven?  

I have learned a lot attending a few of the beer pairing dinners that we offer.  It is nice to have lots of choices when it comes to beer.  Maybe it is my nostalgic side but Budweiser at a bonfire hits the spot!  On the flipside, it is a treat to take your time with a nice brew, giving yourself time to detect and appreciate the flavors.

In order to celebrate this beer revolution, join us on September 5 & 6 for Mount Snow's 21st Brewer's Festival.  50 breweries will be represented -  up a tad from the 19 we had the year we started, 21 years ago.  99 brews on tap - downright amazing for little ole' West Dover, VT!

Recently, I went to a beer pairing dinner at Harriman's with Two Roads out of CT.  They will be at the festival and I encourage you to stop by.  With 50 breweries represented there will be lots to choose from and some newcomers like Speakeasy Ales out of San Francisco.  

If you are a Vermonter, join us on Sunday for only $20 - show your smile and valid VT ID at the ticket window for this beer-friendly deal.

Bring your lawn chairs, pretzel necklaces, designated driver (or stay with us!) and dancing flip flops. Please leave your pets with the sitter.  We'll spend this last week putting the final touches on another premiere beer fest.  I hope that you and your posse spend a little time on your team t-shirts! See you next week!


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