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Friday, August 21, 2015

Busy, busy, busy would best describe this summer.  And like everyone who's walking around and muttering, "where did the summer go?", we are in the same boat.

Most of the hype has been around our West Lake snowmaking pond build and rightly so as it is huge project.  The best way to keep up with our progress is to follow us on facebook and watch the West Lake Weekly.

Today I wanted to let you know what is going on up on the hill.  So I reached out to Elia (he's our Peak Resorts Freestyle Terrain Manager who doubles as a summer project guy) to write a little summary for all of you.

Here's what he had to say:

We are replacing or moving around 45,000 feet of pipe, of which 70% or so is buried. We moved pipe on Thanks Walt and Plummet to better use the prevailing winds, and replaced a fair amount of underground pipe that has begun to fail over the years from rust.


Rough estimate is that we are 65-70% done, and we hope to finish by the end of September.

There are challenges around every corner and over every knoll, so we're lucky to have such an amazing team that can work through whatever the mountain (or our predecessors!) throws at us. 

Replacing the line on Ridge has been particularly challenging, due to the fact that we are digging out two 12" lines and replacing with a much larger 20" diameter pipe which does not conform to turns and sweeps in the ditch as well. The Ridge pitch is also a particularly steep place for this kind of work. We are upgrading the size of the pipe in order to supply much more water to the summit when West Lake comes in line.


Ridge taken 8.20.15


Ridge taken 8.20.15


Ridge 8.20.15.  If you think this looks a bit odd, you are correct.  That fan gun was moved to do pipework and then will be moved back to skier's left.  




Ridge - near the top

s bowlSouth Bowl still needs to be completed.  Pipe will be above ground.

A lot of the work we are doing now is in preparation for when West Lake comes on line.  In the mean time, having such a large feed line to the summit, which will stay full of water all the time, should provide us with faster start up times when the temps fall into snowmaking range.  Guests will see an increase in the amount of production especially at the summit where we have also improved air pressure. 

There will be a brand new summit snowmaking valve house that should be better looking than the old one. The trails where we moved pipe will have better coverage, and overall the system will be more reliable as we will have less failures. And maybe most importantly, the snowmakers will smile more because of their new digs and more reliable system.


Getting started at the summit


Much progress at the summit - taken 8.21.15

Thanks to Elia for being our guest blogger and to the rest of our crew who are producing high quality work at a very strong pace.

Down in the base area we have a demo project taking place in the seasonal locker room, located in the basement of the Main Base Lodge.  All of the old lockers are being stripped out and we will reburbish both locker rooms from head to toe.


Locker Room  - not sure why Joe is still smiling as that is a messy job!


That is a few of about 50 projects that are going on.  As much as I am looking forward to the first turns of the season, I need time to slow down so we can button up all of our summer projects.  

I will leave you with a few shots of our beautiful surroundings and nature.


Taken from the Bluebird (sorry about the blur) on 8.21.15


You know it is summer when there are more geese than guests in sight!

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