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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One of the things I like about my job is getting to know the Mount Snow family...staff and guests. Most of this happens on the chairlift but last week I had the opportunity to meet a family all because of a statue.

About a month ago I received a call from a passholder named Sameer.  He told me about his father-in-law, Mario Noto.  Mario knew that Sameer loved to ski and created a sculpture of a skier for him. Mario passed away 2 years ago and when the family was going through some of his things, they came across another sculpture of a skier.  Sameer had an idea and went to Mario's wife, Enza, to share it.  Enza agreed that they donate the sculpture to Mount Snow so it could be on display and enjoyed by many.

Mario Noto (2/5/38-4/26/13) was the owner of Fine Arts Acrylic.  Mario cast intricate works of art in the medium of acrylic, like the Cross of New Life, a 17' tall rendition of Christ on the Cross.  The church wanted an acrylic cross so the light from the window behind the alter could shine through.  It was completed and placed in the church in 1997 and if you are in Chicago you can see it in person.


We exchanged some calls and emails and Sameer said he would drop off the statue on his next trip to Mount Snow.  Last week, Sameer and his family arrived and presented Mount Snow with a beautiful sculpture of a skier.  As impressive as as it is, I was equally impressed with this family. Enza, Mario's wife, was visibly proud of her husband and I found myself wishing I had known them as a couple.  Mario's daughter, Paula, told stories of helping her father on some of the big jobs.  All the while, Sameer and Paula's daughter, Gabriella, quietly listened and held her grandmother's hand. She was very shy but I was able to learn that she is seven yrs old, has been skiing since she was two, can ski from the summit and her favorite color is pink!

My thanks to this family for choosing Mount Snow and I look forward to the day when we can display Mario's work in one of our base lodges. I love that you love this mountain so much.  We all have an amazing connection to Mount Snow.


L to R:  Gabriella, Enza, Paula and Sameer.

Front:  Skier in acrylic by Mario Noto.  I can see why a church would want their Cross to be sun-kissed.


Above:  Mario Noto and his only grandchild, Gabriella.

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