Locker Room Facelift

Friday, July 10, 2015

Yes, we are busy building a snowmaking pond and upgrading thousands of feet of pipe on the hill but there are a bunch of other projects, too.  One I am excited about is a renovation down in our seasonal locker room.  If you have a locker, please read on.

Here is a letter from Pete (manages our lockers) to all locker holders.


As they say, “third time is the charm”.  On July 1st the capital funding to renovate the Seasonal Locker Room was approved.   To say that we are excited would be an understatement!

The plan calls for upgrades to the ceiling, floor, walls, security and LOCKERS.   Our plan is to start on the north side (lockers  1 to 245) and move to the south side (lockers 246 to 490) of the locker room, if funds allow. We hope to have the contractor on property in the next few weeks to finalize the details and demolition will begin on August 10th.

We are writing you today because we need your help.  We need to get everyone’s equipment out of the locker room.  Our preference is for each owner to remove all of their belongings by Sunday August 9th.   If you cannot get to the mountain by that date we have a Plan B, but that will require you providing us with access into your locker – all items will be secured with tremendous care.  If  you unable to get to the mountain, please email me at or call the Season’s Pass office at 802-464-4033 and speak to Danielle.   If you have not removed your items or contacted us by Aug 9th, we will cut your lock and secure your items until the renovation is complete.

Thank you in advance for your help.



Peter MacDonald
Ambassador Department Manager

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