Howe Much Fun?

Friday, June 26, 2015

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to get out of the office and work with staff on team projects.  We do stuff like green up days and this year we also spent a day out at the golf course and up at the summit cleaning, greening and all that jazz.

The most recent project was Howe Farm and since I get a fair amount of questions about this Mount Snow owned property I thought I would share some info.

Q:  Where is Howe Farm?

A:  Rt 100 in Wilmington, just before the turn to Cold Brook Rd.

Q:  What do you do with it?

A:  Mount Snow uses the barn and farm house for storage.  The town of Wilmington leases the property in the summer and local athletic teams use the space for soccer and baseball.

Q:  Any plans for the future?

A:  No solid plans but lots of ideas!

When Tropical Storm Irene pulled through the foundation on the farm house was severely damaged. A new foundation was poured and the house now has the base for a much brighter future. Have you ever noticed that once you get going on something you get the itch to keep improving.  It is especially easy when you meet this old building - she kind of talks to you..."fix me up, " she whispers.  Last year we gave her a fresh coat of paint.

This year we decided to focus on the grounds.  I will let the photos do the talking.


This photo is important because it is the FIRST plant that we put in.  Thank you Sherry (Cuzzin's bartender in winter and in charge of gardens at the golf course in the summer) for helping us figure out a design for our beds.


Deidre (works in human resources) and Tom (snow reporter in the winter) were busy planting the flower bed on the roadside.


Meanwhile, Nick helped to prune some of the trees.  Not having a team of horses to help, Yankee ingenuity kicks in.


MaryAnne and PJ get out of the office and pose for our version of American Gothic.


I bullied the trails crew (Nate, Nick and Day) into posing in front of the barn and field, that they helped to clear and weed whack.  The guys from building maintenance replaced the trim on all of the barn windows - it really is the little things that give me the most pleasure.

matt steps

Matt (Patrol/Rescue) came down to lend a hand and we quickly discover he is also a stone mason! This is what I love about hanging out with staff - you learn so much about them and all of their talents.

1ist stone

Matt?  Since you are so good with stones do you think you could build a walk?  He says YES and the 1st stone is impressive!

blue door

Matt's stone step inspires me to paint the door.  I tried to match the color up to an old door we found in the house (see below) but looks like I am a bit color blind.


This is the color I wanted.


The trails crew moved right on to seeding and haying - can't wait for the lawn to green up.


In the winter, these are the folks in the red jackets with the white cross - patrol/rescue.  Luckily, they are good landscapers too!  Thanks Steph, Sue and Matt.


Eveyone got in on the action.  Tom (a passholder and owner of the farm where many of our flowers come from) was driving by, after playing golf, and pitched in and helped for several hours!!  It was nice having a "flower expert" on site.  We offered him a job if he ever sell his business, Junknis Farms in CT.  L to R:  Tom, Stephanie (Patrol Director) and Sue (heads up our summer grounds crew.)

walk half

Back at the new walkway, Sabrina (patrol in the winter), Matt and Tom are producing a masterpiece!


In between several other projects, Frank and Guy (pictured here) and Tom worked all day to replace the piece of trim above the door. They matched it to the windows.  


Here you can see the completed piece above the door.


Matt and Sabrina take a break from the walk to explore the house.  On the 3rd floor is the attic - a little creepy yet super cool.


There is always one more patch that needs to be raked and seeded.  Bryan helps behind the house.

walk 3

As the day comes to an end everyone helps to get the walk finished.


Only part of the crew L to R:  Mike (golf course maintenance and groomer in the winter), Tom, Sabrina, Matt, Frank (asst superintendant @ golf course), Sue, Tom and Bryan (golf course superindent.)

We set out to give Howe Farm a little TLC and improve its curb appeal.  It was a long, hard day but I think everyone walked away appreciating the property a lot more.  We already have a list of projects we want to do in the future.  I also overheard some pretty cool ideas of what we should use the site for.  Thanks to EVERYONE who helped with this project - I hope you had as much fun as I did.


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