Paul Roy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On Thursday, June 11th Vermont Ski Areas Association honored one of Mount Snow's finest, Paul Roy, with the Career Employee Award.  


Our Director of Mountain Operations, Dave Moulton, was on hand to share highlights of Paul's career and a few stories.


It goes something like this. According to our records, Paul was hired on August 8th,1977 by the Killington owned Mount Snow.  His first job was in Vehicle Maintenance and his supervisor was Bob LeBlond (still works at Mount Snow) and Danny Hescock (now the owner of Wardsboro Auto.)  But Paul told us that he started before '77 and in talking to Bob LeBlond, he remembered that he and Paul started at Mount Snow within a few months of each other, back in 1969.  Bob shared that Paul worked in many jobs, spent a lot of time on the mountain and you could toss him into any problem and he would take the time to figure out how to fix it.

By1982 Paul was working in snowmaking (in the mechanical room) and during the summer he would run heavy equipment. Eventually, Paul became the control room operator for snowmaking and worked for Randy Barrows for 17 years, since 1998. Randy told me that Paul had Mount Snow at heart all the time.  Paul would drop anything and come in at any hour to help get the snowmaking system back up and running.  Randy said he could fix anything and was very mechanically inclined.  

Back in 2004 Paul decided to cut back and only work winters.  But there were still plenty of summers that he was here.

At the end of this season he announced that he really would retire and many of us wondered if he would be back in the fall.  As Dave Moulton finished his speech he told the audiance that when Paul told him he was going to retire he added that, "maybe he would finally get his hip checked out." Paul did get his hip checked out and that is when they diagnosed him with cancer.  Paul passed away this morning.

It is easy to spot a snowmaker on the hill.  And many of you stop to thank those heros who make our sport possible.  Few know that behind the scenes is a control room operator.  This was Paul and for years it was his voice that reported each and every move that our snowmaking system made. Every hydrant that was turned off or on, the wet bulb temp, the air pressure, the GPMs and hundreds of other items that are crucial to a snowmaker.  When a pump went down it was Paul's calm but urgent voice that told Randy and the crew that they better act quick before they "dumped the whole system."  

At a ski resort there are many people like Paul who passionately work behind the scenes to provide an excellent product.  I am thankful that we were able to award a few of these men for their tremendous dedication.

RIP Paul.  Our deepest condolences to your wife, family, friends and fellow snowmakers.



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