Handle Rd Update

Friday, June 12, 2015

Progress continues on our West Lake project but most of the questions I receive center around construction on Coldbrook/Handle Rd.  We are upgrading our underground pipeline along this road and the town of Dover granted us permission to close the road during the day in order to manage the safest project possible and move quickly.

As of Friday, June 12 we have passed the covered bridge entrance to the Hermitage Inn and are marching forward, heading north.  That means, if you are traveling to the Hermitage, please take the southern approach, using Coldbrook Rd.  

During the evenings and on weekends, the road is open.

Around June 22, the town of Wilmington will start a culvert project that will take approximately two weeks.  The culvert replacement is south of the Hermitage Inn drive so during that time, you will have to use the nothern, Handle Rd approach.  When Wilmington is doing their work, we will leave our location on Handle Rd and work on a piece btween Carinthia and Tannery Rd.

I know... a bit confusing.  We are making steady progress and appreciate your patience.

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