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Thursday, June 4, 2015

And when I say, bite, I mean it.  The new Bite Sized Beer Pairing events at the Bullwheel have me re-thinking my whole approach to food.  What is our love affair with food (and beer)?  On this overcast day I am thinking of cooking up some warm, rib-sticking, comfort food.  On the flipside, whenever the temp is on the rise I love to visit the Cremee (yes, we do have the creamiest ice cream in VT.)

The only problem with all of my mood swings and food cravings...calories.  That is why the movement to small bite menus is perfect.  It allows us to try all of the foods we love but in smaller portions, including dessert.  

And to make it even better, we are pairing it with fantastic beers and breath-taking views.  Here's the info you will need to take advantage of one of our special Bite Sized Beer Pairing events.

When:  Every Wednesday.

Where:  At the Bullwheel, located at the summit of Mount Snow.  You can hike or ride the Bluebird Express to the summit.

Time:  Event starts at 2 pm so allow plenty of time to get your tickets, ride the lift, etc.  It is not a "come when you like" sort of thing.  Lift opens at 12 noon.

Price:  $35 and includes the lift ride, event, service charge and guided hike down (don't worry, you can ride the lift if you don't care to hike down.)

Tickets:   Tickets will be available in advance at  Online sales will stop at midnight the Tuesday before the event.  If there are tickets remaining after midnight they will be available for purchase at Mount Snow Sports at the Grand on the day of.  Tickets are not available in advance at Mount Snow Sports.  If you purchase tickets online they can be picked up at Mount Snow Sports the day of.  Capacity is 40 so I would highly recommend the online approach.  

The Menu:


Yesterday, I went to the summit to check out the first pairing of the season.  When I arrived, they were still preparing the bites and I got to try the smoked tomato relish, used on the Duck Reuben - delicious and so packed with flavor.  


Here Chef Michael and Greg put together the Duck Reuben bites.

I did not try any of the beers but I plan to sign up for a future event, when I have the day off! Meanwhile, it is still a gray day and I am still thinking of cooking something special for dinner.  My husband is not really fond of my vegetarian meals (I can tell because he has a bowl of cereal as soon as we are finished with dinner) so I wonder how a small-bite-night would go over in the Pawlak household?  

If you would like to know what beers are currently on tap at the Bullwheel, here you go.  Please keep in mind that we are regularly changing out taps so this list will change throughout the summer.

-          Allagash White:  Our interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer. Brewed with a generous portion of wheat and spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel.  5% abv From Portland Maine,

-          Citizen Cider Unified Press: An off-dry, crisp and clean 100% locally sourced cider from Burlington, VT 6.8% abv

-          Zero Gravity Conehead Wheat IPA:  A single hop wheat IPA, brewed with all Citra hops.  From Burlington, VT 5.7% abv

-          Ommegang Fleur de Houblon:  A Belgian style pale ale with floral forward hops and a clean, dry, and somewhat spicy body.  From Cooperstown, NY  6.8%abv

-          14th Star Tribute Double IPA:  A celebration of hops. A simple and smooth malt base serves as the stage for the hops to perform. Tribute has a beautiful golden color, an aroma brimming with citrusy hops, and a deliciously smooth hop flavor and dry finish.  From St Albans, VT 8.4% abv

-          Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Hoppy Lager:  A hop-heavy twist on the classic blonde lager.  From Chico, Ca.  7% abv

-          Smutt Labs Rye Stout:  Roasty, dark, chocolaty American Stout brewed with rye that adds a little spice.  From Portsmouth, NH.  6.1% abv

-          Trapp Vienna Lager:  Vienna lager is brewed using Munich, Pilsner and Vienna malts which add depth to its amber color. Subtle hops, crisp, with residual sweetness. From Stowe, VT 5.3% abv

-          Harpoon Summer Ale:  Our version of the traditional German Kölsch-style ale.  Light and refreshing with a dry, crisp finish.  From Boston, Ma and Windsor, VT.  4.8% abv

-          Monks Café Flemish Sour Brown:  Tart sour brown ale with hints of cherries and other fruits with a touch of vanilla in the finish.  From Belgium, 5.5% abv 




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