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Sunday, April 12, 2015

I was a little disappointed by the number of people who showed up to ski and ride on Saturday.  I thought for sure, with temps above 32 degrees, we would get a little bump.  But my disapointment was short lived because it turns out that a quiet day on the hill is exactly what this girl needed.

It made me realize that I run around and sometimes miss what is important, the vibe. This weekend I got to slow down and enjoy the reason that I got into the ski biz. And as you all know, it is not just the skiing that makes this sport so darn special.

On Friday I got to take cover from the thunderstorm at the summit with Patrol. When the lifts reopened I got to ski with our Asst Patrol Director's daughter.  This 11 year old young lady knows the mountain very well, so we made some nice laps and managed to get the last chair of the day.

thunderView from summit patrol - hard to see in this photo but we were in the middle of a down pour.

I got to hang out in the season pass office and see that Eliza is as tall as her mom and Davis still has that smile that could charm the frown off Grumpy Cat.

While I was there I got to catch up with Pete, who heads up our Ambassador Program.  It gave me the opportunity to think about how much more the Ambassadors do, than we actually see.  Like the support that they give to our staff in need - they are an amazing group of green jackets.


I got to have a leisurely breakfast at Carinthia with a group of staff and friends and catch up on all the gossip...like who is getting married this summer.  Let's just say that ski patrol wins the Most Weddings Per Dept Award.


Kait, Dave and Patrick at the Patrol Party.  Kait and Dave are 1 of 4 engagements in Patrol this winter. Congrats!!!

I got to take a lift ride with Denise and Paul and thanks to Denise I now have a new spot on the mountain that takes my fear of heights, well, to a new height!  

I got to have another grilled cheese at the Bullwheel and catch up with some enthusiastic members of the mug club.  They invited me to take a few runs and taught me the proper way to strap on my ski poles.


I got to meet a bunch of new people and catch up with some familiar faces.  Chairlift rides were key for this. It was a welcome back, where have you been all winter?, call me and a realization that you supplied me with material for past blogs (yes, you powderoy).  And we all agreed that our mountain is a sub-culture, a drama series, if you will.  As the mountain turns.  And that is good thing.

I got to hear all of your thank you's and praise for a good year.  You don't know how much we appreciate the positive feedback.  So I send that "thank you" right back at ya!  And a shout out to Mother Nature while I am at it!

I got to dodge twigs, branches and pine boughs on Challenger (windy day!), weave past ledge on Ledge and hop over an ice flow on Hop.  Sound horrible?  Not at all. I love the spring when the melt makes each run a new challenge - it is my favorite time of the year.


Challenger 4/11

hopHop 4/11

mktgPlummet on 4/12 with the marketing dudes

I got to push bubbles with this crew and say good bye to the Mad River staff who came to help us operate our lifts. Your help has been invaluable - thank you!



Justin and Tim, from Mad River, OH.  Taking a break from running lifts to make some runs before heading west.  Thank you.

I finally got to have lunch with 3 of our staff recognition award winners!  In Cuzzin's, on a weekend - that is a first.


Sam, Ken and Natalie - all members of our super, hard-working and friendly custodial staff.


Jaws, Monday April 13

uncUncles, Monday, April 13

So on this weekend when we ended up with less skiers than I expected, I got more!  Wanna do it again next weekend? You bet I do!

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