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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This is a good time of year to think about the cost/value relationship of skiing.  Why?  Because season passes will go on sale March 6th with an early deadline of April 30.  That gives you two months to do the math and figure out if a season pass is the right skiing/riding solution for you.

Depending on the season pass you purchase, they usually pay for themselves between 4 and 11 days.  Meaning, if you take the price of the pass you would like and divide that price by a $90 lift ticket, you can figure out the break even point.  You don't have to use $90 if you feel you would never pay the window rate.  Maybe the most you would pay is $75.  Simply take the price of the pass and divide it by $75 to get your personal break even point.  

If you do the math and realize you don't ski enough days to break even, consider a few more things.

  1. Owning a season pass is a lifetyle choice.  You no longer have to go to a ticket window, feel rushed to get on the hill or feel guilty about leaving early.  
  2. As the owner of a season pass there are perks.  Look at all of them and decide if they add value to your pass.  Maybe the retail discount saves you and your family a bunch of money.  Or maybe you like the $55 bonus tickets so you can treat your friends to a discount?  Is AM Express and having the mountain all to yourself for the first half hour of the day important?  

If the season pass is too much of a commitment but you still plan on skiing several days, you should consider the Fanfare Card.  This is a frequent skier card.  Priced at $79 for the 2014-15 season, it gives you a significant percent off the ticket window price daily.  Pricing for 2015-16 will be announced a little later so you have time to decide.

If you only plan to ski a few times, I would recommend the online ticket pricing.  The earlier you book, the better the discount.  Basically, we give you a discount for locking in early.  Even if you find yourself just days away from your arrival date, you should check the rates because it could save you some money.

If you are the type of person who lives spontaneously and planning ahead is not your thing, there are still ways to save.  At the ticket window, always buy a multi day ticket if you are going to be here for more than 1 day.  The savings on a 2-day adult lift ticket is $15.  The Sunday Sleeper is one of our most popular weekend lift tickets.  Sleep in on Sunday, take the family out for a big breakfast and then get to the mountain by noon.  Your ticket is jut $29 or a family of four for $99. When most people are heading home, you are just heading out.

A few March deals worth mentioning:

March 17 St. Patty's Bash and $17 lift tickets.  Must purchase online to get this price.  And did I mention that we throw one heck of an Irish Party!

March 22:  We have added another Youth Pay Their Age Day.  Anyone 18 and under pays their age on this day!  You do not have to purchase in advance.

Easter Weekend:  Some kids have Good Friday off so start planning now for a 3-day weekend. We have some sweet deals.  Like the lift and lodging Easter Package with FREE Friday lift tickets.  I just checked the buy online price and the 3-day adult ticket is currently at a 42% discount.  The longer you wait, the more the price climbs.  Best of all, this weekend is packed with stuff to do like the Winter Brewer's Festival, Glade-iator and Golden Egg Hunt.

Our marketing team has been working on a great spring line up so stay tuned for a really fun month and a few more deals!  See you on the hill  - you'll want to pack your sunscreen.

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