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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Everyone is talking about "it" so it makes sense to blog about it......the SNOW!  Epic and historical are some of the adjectives that are flying around.  There are also some interesting expletives used to sum up the frustration felt by some non skier types.  

In the ski industry it is known that snow makes everything better.  And just like you would never wake a sleeping baby, you never state out loud that you are sick of all the snow...NEVER!  Today I skied a perfectly groomed PDF.  There aren't many years you can ski a trail like PDF and not see one inch of rock or earth.  


You know PDF stands for Peg, Dot and Fred, right?  Walt's wife and friends.


PDF looking like a snowmaking trail!!

Let's see how the Mount Snow numbers look:

Mount Snow's Avg Snowfall = 154.5" for 1978 - 2014.  If you look at the last 10 yrs, the avg is 147.5"

Best Snow Year

1992-93     234 inches

1995-96     222 inches

1981-82     210 inches

So far this year we have 152".  

In fact, those are the only 3 years we have recorded 200+ inches.

February Snow Totals

2013-14     72 inches

2009-10     67 inches

2014-15     60 inches and 9 more days to go! 13" in 9 days to break the record - this is possible. BTW, it is snowing as I type!


The view outside my window

We started the year out strong with November measuring 23", way above the 10 yr average of 6". Unfortunately, December fell below the 36" average and came in at 25".  January was respectable turning in 44" against an average of 36".  If December had performed well, we'd be looking at a possible top three.  C'mon March!

I hope you are enjoying all of the natural trails that are now skiing like the snowmaking trails.  Hats off to our grooming dept who have been buffing out a variety of trails nightly.  Last night they groomed Hop, Plummet and PDF to name a few.  Over on the Sunbrook side I was delighted to see about 30 people on Big Dipper this morning.  Spreading out over all of our trails and tree skiing has so many advantages, especially that sense of renewed adventure.


Freefall, snapped on Feb 18.  


Inferno, taken on 2/19

I'm not done snowdancing, are you?


I snapped this photo of the Training Center after a storm last week.  








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